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Affordable Living For the Future, From the Past

Professional stonework, staining & chinking services are available. Please call for an appointment, and once again, thank you for your interest in Carolina Cabins. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your new home.

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 Carolina Cabins has been a log home builder/manufacturer of custom built log homes since 1980, with over 275 satisfied home owners. 

 We are a small family owned business that was founded by my dad, Avery Mickel. Our office is located on State Road, NC, just outside of Elkin. We operate with a low overhead. This enables us to sell our product for THOUSANDS LESS than the larger companies. These savings will allow you to build your home for around the same, or less, than a conventional frame house. We urge you to compare our product with anyone. We feel that dollar for dollar we have the best deal on the market today.

When selecting the company to build your cabin, you have many choices. You may be wondering what makes Carolina Cabins different? Carolina Cabins is unique in that we are both the manufacturer and the builder. As the manufacturer, we are not limited to offering a small sample of plans. We sit with you and assist you in creating your dream cabin.  If you have a question or concern along the way, you are not calling a 1-800 number and talking to a customer support rep. You call me. It is this personal touch that really makes the difference.

 Many of our customers want to be involved in the building of their cabin. There may be certain aspects that the customer wants to do themselves. This is not just to cut cost, but rather a sense of pride in ownership that only comes from getting your hands dirty. With Carolina Cabins, your level of involvement is completely up to you.  We will even provide guidance and advice for any aspects you would like to be involved in. 

The relationship you have with the company and person building your cabin, is just as important as the logs that are used.

  We believe in not only providing a superior cabin, but a superior experience.We primarily build homes in the North West region of North Carolina and Southern Virginia.